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postheadericon SSAB steel pulls off German championship

After a hard season, the tractor pulling team Le Coiffeur has become German champion in the 2.5 ton modified category. High strength steel from SSAB is part of the team’s success. With connecting rods made out of Toolox and a Domex frame, the team swept past the competition on the pulling track.

Tractor pulling is called “the heaviest motor sport on earth”. The German winner, the Le Coiffeur IV tractor, weighs 2.5 tons, is equipped with a tuned 4000 horsepower bomber engine from the Rolls Royce Griffon brand, and must be able to pull up to 25 tons for 300 feet. The pressure on the vehicle is huge and the choice of material has a critical impact.
This is why the Le Coiffeur Pulling Team uses an engine with connecting rods made out of Toolox 44.
“Previously, we had problems with connecting rods that broke and damaged the engine”, says Bodo Otte, Le Coiffeur technician. “The new connecting rods are much stronger and more resilient. We were the first to solve the problem and have helped six different teams throughout Europe to use Toolox.”
A Dutch contact advised him to use a screwed frame made of the SSAB steel Domex and he was convinced by the steel’s high strength and elastic properties.
“A high number of revolutions makes the whole engine move in the row direction. Most pulling tractors have a welded frame, which is very stiff. It often gets bent and needs to be replaced completely. The new Domex frame forms and cushions the strong pressure arising from the engine. Since it’s screwed instead of welded, we can replace parts instead of the whole frame if necessary.”
Fired up by their success, the German champions are currently working on a new and even more powerful engine – with steel from SSAB.

(Quelle: SSAB Mitarbeiterzeitschrift 09/2011)

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Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung vom 19. August 2011

Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung vom 19. August 2011